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Total Energy Solutions Provider

(Nuclear, Thermal, Renewable Energy, Transmission & Distribution, R&D)
KEPCO, the largest public enterprise of Korea, is a total energy solutions provider covering the all areas involving energy including nuclear, thermal, renewables generation; transmission and distribution; sales; energy R&D; etc. KEPCO’s family of companies are equipped with expertise in various energy fields – four subsidiaries in nuclear (KHNP, KEPCO E&C, KEPCO NF, KEPCO KPS), five thermal gencos (KOEN, KOMIPO, KOWEPO, KOSPO, EWP) and four in renewables (KOWP, JHWP, KEPCO Solar, HSPO), etc.

Our vision is to create a world of clean and smart energy in alignment with the global trend of energy transition and digitalization. To that end, KEPCO will continue to practice outside-the-box thinking and innovation.

Over more than a century as Korea’s leader in the energy sector, KEPCO has grown as a company with assets worth more than 1.8 trillion US dollars. As of the end of 2020, we are engaged in more than 50 projects in 28 countries around the world in the area of nuclear, thermal, renewables, transmission & distribution, etc.

One on-going project in particular is the UAE Barakah nuclear power plant project that was signed on December 27, 2009. Based on 40 years of experience and outstanding technical prowess in the nuclear sector, the prime contractor KEPCO is building the very first project in the world to simultaneously construct four nuclear units. The first unit of the BNPP project has successfully passed performance tests and begun commercial operation on April 1, 2021.

At KEPCO, we are committed to making our contribution to the nuclear projects around the world, utilizing our successful experience and outstanding capabilities accumulated from the UAE BNPP project. We are currently exploring opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the U.K., Republic of South Africa, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India, Vietnam, etc.

Supplying eco-friendly energy around the globe will continue to remain our priority. Over the long term, we will serve as an energy leader through increased presence in the global nuclear market and development of new energy businesses using big data, AI, IoT, etc.


Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd(KHNP) is the largest electric power company which generates approximately 26.7% of the total electric power generated in Korea with the noble sense of mission and pride of ‘supplying electric power in a stable manner to enrich the lives of people and to contribute to the growth of the national economy’ as its driving force. KHNP operates 24 units of nuclear plants, 35 units of hydro power plants and 16 units of pumped-storage power plants, and has a total installed capacity of about 27,896MW. In particular, its nuclear power capacity reaches about 22,529MW, leading Korea as the sixth largest nuclear powerhouse in the world.

Amid tightening regulations on carbon dioxide emissions triggered by intensifying global warming, rising energy prices, including oil as well as widespread resource nationalism across the world, nuclear power is considered by many countries as a key energy source for the next generation since 2000.

In this context, in collaboration with the Korean government and relevant organizations, KHNP has been actively carrying out global nuclear power projects around the world such as exporting Advanced Power Reactor 1400 (APR1400), EU-APR SMR(SMART) and providing O&M (Operation and Maintenance) services based on a strong supply chain and project management capabilities accumulated over 40 years of experience in construction and operation of nuclear power plants.

Design /Engineering

Since its establishment in 1975, KEPCO E&C, a key player in Korea’s power generation industry, has been playing a leading role in the development of nuclear power plant designs including the OPR1000, APR1400, and SMART.

KEPCO E&C’s continuous participation in the design of more than 30 nuclear power plants (including UAE BNPP Unit 1 to Unit 4) over the past 45 years has resulted in the accumulation of experiences, know-how, and capability — which makes us one of the world’s most competitive nuclear plant design companies.

The basis of KEPCO E&C’s energy technology is to be abundant while having an affordable price, and be equipped with clean, secure energy technology. Accordingly, KEPCO E&C is continuously advancing our technology so that nuclear power would be most appropriate for these objectives.

NSSS/TG Supply

Doosan is Korea’s only company that specializes in NSSS(Nuclear Steam Supply System) for nuclear power plants and possesses the highest level of technology with its NSSS production lines and management systems for design, material, manufacturing, construction, testing, services, maintenance and repair.

Doosan set its foot in the nuclear power business with the groundbreaking of Changwon plant in 1976. By 1986, Doosan had supplied the first power plant system to Hanbit units 1 & 2 and the company has so far supplied 33 Reactor Vessels and 122 Steam Generators to domestic and overseas markets including USA, China and UAE.

With continuous investment, Doosan developed the MMIS(Man Machine Interface System) and RCP(Reactor Coolant Pump) and has even expanded its business area into spent fuel storage, transportation (cask) design, fabrication, and decommissioning technology.

Doosan has established its position as a leading supplier of nuclear power components and our technical innovations and commitment will provide safe and reliable nuclear energy for the international markets.


GS E&C has established ourselves as a top-ranking EPC company domestically since our foundation in 1969, and we continue to pursue global competency of our core businesses. Over the past half century, through talent and superior technical skill, GS E&C has continued the innovative growth and success that originally astonished the world. Demonstrating unparalleled project execution capabilities around the globe, GS E&C continues to have strong growth in its plant, architecture, power, infrastructure, and leisure industries; representing a new paradigm in the construction industry. With its leading technologies and advanced systems, GS E&C delivers great value to customers throughout the world, including Asia, Europe and Africa.
GS E&C has jumped into the field of Nuclear Power projects with requirement of advanced technology and perfect control quality management and have participated in the construction of Shinwolsung Nuclear Power Unit 1&2 and Shinhanul Nuclear Power Unit 1&2. In addition to expanding nuclear power projects, we have acquired necessary certificate for nuclear business such as KEPIC(Korea Electric Power Industry Code) and ASME so on. Also GS E&C has secured the expertise nuclear manpower with high qualified for performing construction of nuclear power plants."
Established in 1938, Samsung C&T Corporation is the origin of Samsung, South Korea’s largest conglomerate with interests in construction, electronics, chemicals, finance, and numerous other sectors. Samsung C&T has four business groups: Engineering & Construction, Trading & Investment, Fashion, and Resort.
Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction group provides integrated business solutions to customers worldwide in the areas of building, civil infrastructure, plant and housing/development. As a Trusted Builder, the E&C group has successfully delivered landmark projects around the world, emphasizing safety and compliance. The company is best known for the construction of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is currently the world’s tallest building, and working on various power projects including Qurrayah IPP, the world’s largest combined cycle power plant in KSA, and Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in UAE, the first case of Korean standard nuclear power plant exports.
Hyundai E&C was established in 1947 and has always been a driving force behind Korea’s phenomenal growth and development, contributing to the modernization and globalization of the country’s construction industry. In 1965 we became the first construction company in Korea to advance overseas and we have since promoted Korea’s technical prowess in the global market by leading development in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Hyundai E&C builds nuclear power plants that deliver the highest level of safety in the world and has completely internalized construction technology. It has built 16 of the 26 nuclear power plants in Korea and currently leads the construction of 6 out of 8 nuclear reactors under construction both in Korea and overseas

We offer a full range of NPP-related technologies and services, not only in construction but also maintenance and performance improvements. At Hyundai E&C, we are putting in continuous efforts to jointly develop new technologies and build a complete culture of mutual trust with our business partners.
Since its establishment in 1973, Daewoo E&C has taken on challenges with the vision of adding new values to our lives. As a company pursuing a better future for all, we will expand our businesses bringing changes to more regions throughout the world. Starting with the construction of heavy water reactor in 1992 to the recent construction of OPR-1000, a Korean standard nuclear reactor, Daewoo E&C has been a driving force for the national development by leading the progress of nuclear power plants in Korea.

Daewoo E&C is the first Korean construction company that exported its construction technology of nuclear power plants to China and Taiwan. By the completion of the Jordan Research and Training Reactor on October, 2018 in terms of EPC construction, Daewoo E&C successfully exported a nuclear power system on turnkey basis for the first time in 50 years of history of the Korean nuclear industry and has well recognized for its technical skills by the world. Daewoo E&C has always been with the Korean nuclear industry creating a miraculous history. It will continue making a history of creation and overcoming bigger challenges based on the experience and technical skills accumulated for the last 48 years.
SK Engineering & Construction Company, Ltd.

Since its founding in 1977, SK E&C has been building a global competitive edge with bold challenges and innovations that break the existing framework. It has also elevated the status of the Korean construction industry.

In the 1980s for the first time among the domestic builders, our corporation made an attempt to integrate engineering and construction. This enabled us to expand into overseas markets and stand side by side with global companies.

Power plant business works on engineering, procurement, construction turn-key(EPC) contracts such as coal-fired power plants, combined-cycle power plants, cogeneration power plants, nuclear power plants and renewable power generation. It is also growing as a pioneer in the private power generation business sector.

SK E&C's innovation will continue without stopping.

We will strengthen our competitiveness in the conventional EPC contracting business by innovating our business models. We will also enhance the value of our corporation by expanding our development projects and investment.

SK E&C will not be satisfied with the growth and development so far, but will continue to run to achieve the vision, "Global Top Tier City Developer & Infrastructure Builder" based on its 40 years of culture of innovation.

Since its establishment in 1939, DL E&C has been the flagship enterprise of the DL business conglomerate. Based on its stand-alone technological power and abundant business experiences, DL E&C has acted as a global contractor, conducting construction projects in 33 countries across the globe as well as in its own country. DL, originally a construction firm that wins contracts and conducts design and construction, has gone a further step to expand its business into the area of a 'Developer', which excavates projects and conducts overall management of investment, financing, construction, and operation, thereby creating profits.
In the field of nuclear power plants, DL has built four nuclear power plant units and has carried out four Steam Generator Replacement(SGR) projects since 1996. In particular, DL has the largest number of experiences in the SGR project field and is currently carrying out projects on two units(Hanbit Units 5&6 NPP).

Fuel Supply

KEPCO Nuclear Fuel (hereafter referred to as “KNF”) was founded in 1982 as one of the subsidiary companies of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). Since 1989, KNF has been supplying nuclear fuels and related services for all the nuclear power plants in Korea, which are a total of 21 Pressurized Water Reactors (PWRs) and 3 Pressurized Heavy Water Rectors (PHWRs) in operation at present.

In addition, KNF has been exploring the global market as a fuel vendor for overseas customers, and is working to design and manufacture safe and economic nuclear fuel that meets international standards. KNF has begun commercial supply of nuclear fuels to Barakah nuclear power plants (BNPPs) since 2016. KNF also exports nuclear fuel components to the United States (US) and Brazil, provides nuclear fuel design technology services to the US, and exports nuclear fuel equipment to China.

KNF succeeded in the 100% localization of nuclear fuel design and production technologies and processes, and currently it has two fuel fabrication plants and two tube manufacturing plants. Furthermore, a third fuel fabrication plant is being constructed in order to meet domestic and overseas nuclear fuel demand.

With its valuable experience and top notch technology, KNF is ready to meet customer's requirements and maximize customer satisfaction with the highest quality and safety standards.


KEPCO KPS is one of the world’s largest and advanced-technology maintenance companies, which provides comprehensive plant services to industrial facilities including nuclear power plants in Korea and throughout the world.

Established in 1984 as a maintenance provider dedicated to power plants in Korea, KEPCO KPS has now grown into a global solution provider catering to a broad range of customers at home and abroad.

Based on its accumulated technology and know-how, KEPCO KPS will continue to play a vital role in supplying high quality electricity to the nation and the world.

In addition, the company won the UAE BNPP maintenance project contract as a member of Team Korea consortium in June 2019, and it will play a key role in operating UAE BNPP based on the APR-1400 technology and its maintenance experience.

KEPCO KPS will strive to successfully implement the UAE BNPP project in order to enhance its competitiveness in overseas projects and consolidate the foundation to be a major global maintenance provider.


Since April 2011, Korea Nuclear Association, have strived our way to bring Korea and the world closer to each other.
With abiding and wholehearted support from our industries, we reach out to accomplish our mission as becoming the bridge for international cooperation.
Our mission varies from building channels of communication between the Korean nuclear industry and our partner nations, to supporting newcomer countries achieve sustainable growth through nuclear energy.
To achieve this goal, we work closely with key members of the Korean nuclear industry.
Our range of cooperation covers the entire nuclear ecosystem, with electric utilities, equipment suppliers, construction firms, along with professionals in policy, finance, legal, and academia as well.
Through cooperation opportunities and outreach programs, we aim to show paths to our Korean and global partners to achieve mutually beneficial development, leading to the potential growth of world’s nuclear industry.