By undertaking nuclear power plant projects constantly, TEAM KOREA has maintained an edge in the global nuclear industry – in both technology and experience.

European APR1400 / European Standard Design

The European APR1400 is a Gen 111+ Pressurized Water Reactor(PWR), with a large capacity over 1,500 MW of electrical power to comply with European safety and performance requirements.

Based on the proven design and operating experience of the OPRIOOO and the APR1400, up-to-date design technologies have been incorporated to enhance plant safety with excellent performance.

EU-APR Major Parameters


GENERAL PLANT DATA Gross Power Output 1,520 MWe
NSSS Thermal Power 4,000 MWth
Design Lifetime 60 years
Seismic Design Basis DBE 0.25g


REACTOR CORE Active Core Length 3.81 m
Core Diameter 3.65 m
Average Heat Flux at 100% Power 589.1 kW/m2
Number of Fuel Assemblies 241, 17×17
Number of Control Element Assemblies 76 Full Strength,
17 Part Strength
Fuel Cycle Length 18 to 24 months


Operating Pressure 15.5 MPa
Inlet Temperature 290.6℃
Outlet Temperature 323.9℃
Enhanced Safety
Improved Safety Systems

4 Train Safety Injection System
  • 4 Independent Train Safety Injection System
    • Provides borated water to core with Active & Passive Components
    • Fluidic Device installed at the bottom of the Safety Injection Tank (SIT) passively and efficiently controls the safety injection flow into the core
  • Safety Injection System (SIS) uses injecting water from In-Containment Refueling Water Storage Tank (IRWST)
Mitigation of Severe Accident
  • Passive Autocatalytic Recombiner(PAR)
    • Limit hydrogen concentration
    • Prevent hydrogen detonation
  • Severe Accident Containment Spray System(SACSS)
    • Control containment pressure & remove fission products during Severe Accidents(SA)
    • Dedicated supporting systems: Severe Accident Dedicated Component Cooling Water System(SACCWS) Severe Accident Dedicated Essential Service Water System(SAESWS)
  • Emergency Reactor Depressurization System(ERDS)
    • Reduces the RCS pressure before reactor vessel breach
  • Passive Ex-Vessel Corium Retaining & Cooling System(PECS)
    • Installed in the reactor cavity to retain & cool down the molten core debris
    • Retain corium in the Ex-vessel core catcher & achieve a long term safe state



Core Catcher
Diverse Design Features
  • Emergency Boration System(EBS)
    • Inject highly concentrated borated water into RCS
Provisions for Beyond Design Basis External Events
  • Designed to assure core cooling, spent fuel cooling, containment integrity beyond Design Basis External Events(BDBEE) (as Fukushima Event)
  • Containment Filtered Vent System(CFVS)
    • Ensure containment integrity during extreme conditions by relieving pressure in a controlled manner
  • Aircraft Crash Protection Design
    • Secondary containment provides barrier against a large, commercial aircraft crash
    • Strengthened external wall of the containment building & auxiliary building
    • Separation of other safety important buildings

Aircraft Crash Shield Wal

Aircraft Crash Protection
Double Containment Building

Double Containment Building
  • Primary Containment Structure
    • Keep the pressure boundary by liner plate
    • Provide biological shielding & reduce the radioactive release
  • Secondary Containment Structure
    • Fully envelop the primary containment
    • Preserve structural integrity against airplane crash
    • Secondary containment HVAC system
Enhanced Seismic Resistance
  • Safety-Related Buildings & Structures withstand Seismic Events with 0.25g PGA Envelops Most Sites with Different Types of Rock & Soil
Excellence in Construction
Equipment Modularization

Modularized Reactor Internals
  • Pre-fabrication of modules helps the reduction of field work & on-site labor congestion Approximately 80 items selected for modularization Modules can Be lifted & installed using a large capacity crane
Top-Down Method
  • Use the top-down method with large capacity cranes to reduce the construction period
    Large Capacity Cranes
Construction Schedule
  • Target construction period of the first plant set to be 57 months
    From the first concrete pouring to commercial operation
Outstanding Performance
60 Years of Lifetime with Availability over 92%
Convenient Operation & Maintenance
  • Removable shield blocks & covers lower the radiation level to allow personal access to the containment during power operation
  • Integrated Head Assembly(IHA) & permanent refueling pool seal simplify refueling works
High Performance Fuel Assembly
  • Utilizes HIPER16 TM, an advanced fuel assembly with high thermal performance & enhanced seismic resistance
  • Provides a thermal margin greater than 10%
  • Increased discharge burn-up enables refueling cycles to be flexible from 18 to 24 months

Integrated Head Assembly

Grid Following Capability
  • Daily load-following & frequency control capacity Enables the plant to respond to power demand variations from the grid